Summer 2013 Deadlines

For students in Columbus the Application deadline for Summer Quarter is June 4th and the registration deadline for courses is June 18th.

For AD (USA outside of Columbus) Applications the deadline is June 26th, the registration deadline for courses is July 1st.

What is VLI?

Vineyard Leadership Institute (VLI) was created to integrate hands-on training, ministry experience, spiritual formation, and academic understanding with an uncompromising commitment to excellence in biblical-theological, ministerial and spiritual-formation training.

In a 1995 International Vineyard Pastors conference, John Wimber said: "Leadership is not administration; leadership is getting the mind of God - knowing what God wants to do for a given time for a given people." It is the intent of VLI to put you into a relevant learning community where the desire for greater theological understanding and ongoing spiritual formation set the stage for a lifetime of true and proper worship.

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Now Available...

Introducing the Living Community Cohort!

Also two, three and four year course tracks are now available! (Click to link to the track descriptions)

2 Year Track

3 Year Track

4 Year Track

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Our Purpose and Vision

Our Purpose: To train emerging leaders in the church to become more effective in Christian ministry.

Studies in missions, evangelism and theology show that the best way to evangelize people is to plant churches among them. We believe we are called to train 10,000 empowered evangelical leaders for this generation - leaders of new and existing ministries as well as domestic and cross-cultural planters.

Our Vision: To produce mature, passionate, knowledgeable and experienced Christians who will:

Be effective leaders in ministry who will plant new churches to evangelize non-Christians and disciple believers.

Demonstrate godly character, obedience to the Holy Spirit and spiritual depth in their homes,  churches, workplaces and communities.

Be kingdom people who grasp the biblical message of the Kingdom of God and who seek to communicate and demonstrate it through words and works.

This Quarter in VLI

If God is calling you to Christian leadership, consider enrolling in VLI, a Bible and practical ministry training program. To register for VLI classes, contact Admissions, 614.259.5314 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or click here → Apply to VLI!

Courses Open to the Public (VLI Intensives)

VLI invites non-VLI students to attend selected weekend-only courses. The cost of courses open to the public is $50/course. To register or for more info, contact Shawn Wise, 614.259.5417.

The Writings Part A Saturday, April 13th 8:30am-4pm  & Sunday, April 14th, 2-7pm - Taught by: Don Williams (Pre-recorded in 2011).  Major topics covered in the course are the Wisdom in Ancient Near East context; background, content, and theology of Psalms, Proverbs, Job, Ecclesiastes.

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